Pickerington Area Soccer Association

About Us

The Pickerington Area Soccer Association (PASA) is the oldest soccer program in Pickerington, Ohio, whose community roots span back to the 1970s. As a non-profit program, our mission is to provide quality soccer and comprehensive training to all of our participants. Because of the support of the families, volunteers, local businesses and community organizations, our organization has grown tremendously since its inception and now serves over 1,400 players from u4 to u18 in our recreational and select club programs; we even have an active and growing summer league for adult players. While we also serve children and families in the surrounding communities, we are extremely proud to call Pickerington our home.


Pickerington Area Soccer Association (PASA) is a community-based soccer program that will provide a family-oriented and safe atmosphere at a quality complex for soccer players and their parents. PASA's goal is to develop soccer players at the recreational and competitive level with an emphasis on technical skill development for the enjoyment and respect of the game.

Its members own the program. It is run by volunteers who sacrifice many hours to make the program a viable and competitive program that is respected as one of the best in the Columbus metro area. We utilize a mix of Professional Coaches and volunteer parent coaches for our competitive soccer teams and parent coaches for our recreational teams.

We encourage you to become involved in making the PASA soccer program even better. We have regularly scheduled board meetings, open to the public, on the second Monday of every month! We currently have positions available. If you are interested, please contact a board member or attend a board meeting to see if it is something you would like to do.

The Pickerington Area Soccer Association is a non-profit organization run primarily by volunteers that sponsors soccer players in the Pickerington area. PASA receives no additional funding other than from enrollment fees, fundraisers, sponsorships and concession stand sales. The PASA soccer complex is owned and maintained by PASA. We are one of only two soccer organizations in the Columbus metro area that owns their own fields. PASA pays for field maintenance including mowing, seeding, fertilization, and a mortgage on the fields. The fees you pay also support referees for recreation games as well as socks for recreation players. All told, your registration fees support a program for over 1400 youth soccer players in the Pickerington area.

Back in the 1970's, a group of people got together and shared a vision to create a soccer program for the youth of Pickerington. Over the years, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have kept that vision alive by sharing their time, effort and talent. Their real vision was to create a place to focus specifically on the youth of our community to create a place for the community, supported and run by the community.

The goal of the Pickerington soccer program was to provide a location for children to play and learn soccer. As a result of their efforts, our community has the Pickerington Soccer Complex. Today, PASA provides soccer for all levels -- recreation and select. Soccer for Pickerington children. Today, as in beginning, our organization is dependent on the support of our community. The facilities we enjoy today belong to the community. What makes PASA so successful is the participation of the community by supporting the dream, the facility, and the value of the program for the children of Pickerington.

Our goal is not only to have the most competitive teams; it is to offer the best program and most affordable program for all Pickerington area children.

For PASA to be successful in the future, we continue to ask that Pickerington families will continue to support your soccer complex so that Pickerington children will have a successful program in the years to come



Questions for our Club Partner Barcelona United?  Click link or please see the contact information below:

Barcelona United Directors of Coaching-

Detzi Kruszynski - Boys Director

Georgi Petrov - Girls Director

Club Registrar - Brian Holter

Club Uniforms and Fees Coordinator - Mike Simmons