Pickerington Area Soccer Association

General Recreational Information

PASA is a non-profit, volunteer organization that was formed for the purpose of conducting a youth soccer program for the residents of Pickerington and surrounding areas.  We believe that every player should have a place to play.  Our goal is to develop each player and provide an appropriate level of competition for each child.

Dates & Fees:

Fall Registration has closed

Game Dates U4-U12:

August 26 & 27

Sept. 2, 9, 16, 23, 24

Oct. 7

Fall Classic tournament - Oct 14th (U8, U10, U12 only)

Picture Weekend 8/26 & 8/27

**All dates subject to change!**


********Jr. High and High School game schedules will be made by MSSA/HSSA and then be sent to the coaches and rec director.  Expect some games to be week nights********

We have programs for boys and girls between the ages of 2 1/2 years (in the fall the child will be 2 1/2 years old)  up to High School aged children.  Please refer to the chart below to see what program your child will be in.

*****Players that are carded for club level competition may not register or play for a rec team*****

Birth date Requirements for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
08/01/19  - 12/31/21 – U4
08/01/17 - 07/31/19 – U6
08/01/15 – 07/31/17 – U8
08/01/13 – 07/31/15 – U10
08/01/11 – 07/31/13 – U12
08/01/09 – 07/31/11 – Jr High
01/01/2005 – 07/31/09 – High School


There is no practice during the week for the U4 division. The U6-High School divisions will be notified when they are allowed to begin practicing. 

Practices are based on the availability of your child's volunteer coach.

 Team Assignments and Volunteers:

Typically, teams stay the same from fall to spring.  The teams can only be kept the same if everyone from the fall returns, your coach returns, there are no requests to be removed from a team. Players who are "new" in spring will be added to teams where needed. Teams are re-sorted every fall season. We reserve the right to move players around if necessary.

NO CARPOOL OR COACH REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED.  It is impossible with over 900 children registering each season that we will be able to honor each individual request. 

In the spring season, Volunteers (Head Coaches, Assistants and Team Managers) will be reassigned to the same team from the previous season unless we hear from you otherwise. New volunteers are always welcome; please check the appropriate boxes during the registration process to sign up to be a Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager.

In the fall season, Volunteers (Head Coaches, Assistants and Team Managers) will be assigned to teams from the pool of available volunteers. Please remember to check the appropriate boxes during the registration process to sign up to be a Head Coach, Assistant or Team Manager. If there's someone you'd like to work with, please email us to let us know.

Spring coaches meeting date TBD

If you coached last season and you want to coach again...
If you coached last season and you cannot coach again...
If you did not coach last season and you want to coach...

We cannot guarantee you a team (to coach) until we receive all of the registrations and make up the teams. We are always looking for good coaches, please let us know if you are interested by filling out the volunteer role online. Once you are assigned a team to coach, you may request a specific assistant and/or team manager, for your team. We will do our best to accommodate you. No coach requests will be honored from parents, however, we will honor requests to be removed from a specific coach’s team. DON'T FORGET TO FILL IN THE VOLUNTEER INFORMATION UNDER THE VOLUNTEER TAB IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A COACH, AN ASSISTANT COACH OR A TEAM MANAGER FOR YOUR CHILD'S TEAM.

Team Managers: Suggested "job" description: sort and distribute uniforms for your team, add snack schedule to game schedule and distribute, contact players (via email or phone) if there are changes to the schedule, have first aid kit with you at practices/games, plan team party at end of season, collect $ for coaches gifts ($3-5 per family is sufficient).

What to bring to practices and games:

All players will need to bring a soccer ball to practice. Please note size of ball according to player’s age group:

  • U4, U6, U8 – size 3
  • U10 and U12 – size 4
  • Junior and High School – size 5

Don't forget to bring a water bottle and wear your shin guards.

Cleats are recommended. No baseball/football cleats, only soccer cleats are allowed. 

Players are not allowed to wear jewelry to practices and/or games, unless it is medical jewelry, and then it must be taped to the skin. No band-aids will be allowed to cover earrings. They must be removed for all practices and games! Casts may be worn, as long as they are wrapped with bubble wrap.


You may request a refund if your child is injured or decides s/he doesn't want to play. ALL refund requests will include a $20 processing fee ($25 if more than one child in the same family is requesting a refund), we will deduct this fee from your refund.  In order to receive a refund, your child cannot have participated in any games. If the request is necessary due to an injury, after the child has already participated in one or more games, we will review the request and let you know if you will receive a partial refund. Refunds will arrive in the form of a check to your home address. Refunds can take several weeks to process.   The last day to request a refund is the day before the first game of the season.

For the quickest response to your refund request, please email treasurer@pasasoccer.org

Personal Information:

We do not share or sell your personal information with anyone outside of PASA.


The Mount Carmel Pickerington Youth Sports Complex is PRIVATELY OWNED by PASA and PYAA. No unauthorized use of the fields is allowed. No unauthorized fliers on cars. NO PETS, NO SMOKING. Drive safe and slow.  The address to the complex is 630 Hill Road North, Pickerington, Ohio 43147.  We are located at the back of the the sports complex, behind Seton Parish.

Please respect our rules. We appreciate your cooperation.


Q:  What does the “U” in U8 stand for?

A: The “U” stands for under


Q:  My child is 8 years old and still in the U8 division, why is that?

A:  If you refer the divisions on the website, you will see the birthday cut off dates for each age group.  Given that the teams are held together from fall to spring, there will be some players that turn 8, or the age that the age group is, throughout a season


Q: When does the U4 practice?

A:  Given that the age of this group is so young, PASA has this division set up to be very hands on with help from our friends at Barcelona, local youth players, and parents.  We are introducing soccer to a very young group and try to make a fun event out of it for the whole family.  With that, there are no practices outside of game day.


Q:  Can my child play up a division?

A:  This is up to the rec director and the parent.   Given that this is rec soccer, there are players of a wide variety of skill levels.  There are exceptions made where we have allowed higher skilled players play up a division.  Again, that final decision is up to the rec director


Q:  My child is small for their age, can they play down a division?

A:  PASA follows US Youth Soccer and Ohio Youth Soccer Association guidelines.  With that, we would prefer that all players, at a minimum, stay within their age group.  Only on very, very rare occasions will we make an exception for an older player to play outside of their age group with younger players.


Q:  Can I request a team or a player for my child to play with.  I have car pool issues

A:  Unfortunately, we do not honor these requests.  PASA has grown over the years to over 1000 players per season.  Given the number of players, size of teams, there being 12 practice locations, and numerous other scheduling restrictions, we can not honor those requests 


Q:  What are player evaluations for?  Don’t all players who sign up get to play?

A:  Yes, PASA is recreational soccer and everyone gets to play.  With that, given the size of the league, the board and rec director do not know every player or their skill level.  The annual evaluations it is our best effort to eliminate the perception of the “stacking” of teams.  They are simple and contain only a few drills and sprinting.  We use this information to best spread out the top talent evenly among all teams in each division.  This is why it is very important for everyone, age groups U8 through U12, to attend.  Evaluations are not felt necessary for U4 and U6


Q:  What is a build out line and what is used for?

A:  The build out line is a dotted line on the fields in age groups U6, U8, and U10.  This line is for when there is a goal kick only.  The opposing team must remain outside that on the goal kick until one of two things happens.  The ball has either gone outside the dotted line on the initial goal kick, or it is touched by someone on the same team behind that line, then it is a free ball for anyone.

It’s purpose is to prevent the opposing team from running up the score on these goal kicks as they can easily send them right back at the goalie.  Additionally, it teachs the concept of playing the ball up from the defense instead of just kicking it as far as possible on each goal kick.


Q:  The season has begun and we do not like our players coach.  We would like to move to another team.  Is that possible?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  PASA will make every effort to assist the coaches and the parents at making the seasons great for all players.  We can not take or allow the moving/changing of teams for liking or disliking coaches after the rosters are set.  This can lead to the appearance of inappropriate behavior in which players are on which team and for what reasons.  We ask that everyone be understanding and communicate with the coaches and attempt to work out any issues via the Rec Director if necessary.


Q: I, or my child, are interested in being a referee.  How do we get to do this with PASA?  Do the refs get paid?

A:  If you go to the referee tab on our website you will find a link to the Ohio South State Referee Committee.  There you can begin the certification process on line, there are some classroom items that you will need to attend as well and these are also scheduled through the OSSRC.  Afterward, please contact Kenny, the rec league director and submit your certification.  Referees must be at least 14 years of age and MUST be certified to ref PASA soccer games.   PASA does pay the referees and there is a scale for the pay based upon position and level of play


Q:  I have volunteered to be coach, assistance coach, team manager, what other items do I need to complete?

A:  In compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines, you are required to complete a series of items.

Directions: https://www.osysa.com/safesoccer/risk/ 

Reminder that each coach is required to complete the following in Player’s Health (which is accessed via Demosphere)…

1. Background check (OSA) (background checks from other outside organizations will not qualify)  When completing the background check, DO NOT PAY FOR IT.  Use the code OSYSARECPASA and there will be no charge

2. Lindsay’s Law (State)

3. Concussion training (State)

4. SafeSport (Federal)


Q:  My child has played all the way through U12, now where can he/she go to play?

A:  PASA players can be PASA players for life!  PASA has teams for both Jr. High and High School aged players.  We are part of the MSSA and HSSA.  These teams are provided high quality Pickerington themed jerseys and we play against other area rec teams such as Gahanna, Westerville, Canal Winchester and so on.  Please note that a player that plays club or is carded for club games CAN NOT play rec for that season as per the MSSA and HSSA rules


Q:  How to the rec league tournaments work?

A:  Every spring and fall season, PASA offers a tournament for the U8, U10, and U12 age groups.  In the spring is the more famous, PASA CUP.  This tournament includes all teams in those three age brackets.  The PASA CUP has been a staple of the league for more than thirty years.  In the fall is the more recently added Fall Classic.  This tournament includes the top four regular season seeds in the same three above mentioned age brackets.  The spring tournament includes everyone as we are a rec program and want all teams and players to get the chance and experience of a tournament.  The Fall Classic is the top four seeds as we are trying to emphisize the importance of the regular season games for the players.

Both tournaments are currently single elimination tournaments.  As where round robin is more common in soccer, the sheer size of PASA and these age groups would make it take a few weeks to complete a tournament of that style.