Pickerington Area Soccer Association

Junior High

Jr. High League - MSSA

8/1/08 - 7/31/10

The Fall 2022 Registration fee is $120

Numbered jerseys provided however teams stay together from fall to spring and numbers must remain consistent.  Please keep same jersey annually if possible

Fall Registration Closed!

Dates:  TBD

Practices:  This age group will hold one practice a week. (There may be two a week practices; pre-season)

MSSA is a recreational program comprised of teams from throughout central Ohio. MSSA is NOT a "league", per se. 
The Association does not register individual players. Players register with PASA and then PASA registers teams in the Association.  Communities that participate range geographically from London to Newark and Delaware to Circleville. The preponderance of teams are from Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, New Albany, Newark, Pickerington, Westerville, and Worthington.

Team Size:  Each team will have no more than 19 players. Teams may be comprised of players in 6th, 7th or 8th grades. Players are NOT allowed to play on both a select (or club) team and an MSSA team during the same season. Players who are in high school may not play in the association, regardless of their age. Some teams use the association as a training opportunity for players interested in playing high school soccer. Most teams participate for the fun of it.    

Number of players & playing time:  Each team will have eleven (11) players on the field for a total of twenty-two (22).  All players play at least 50% of the time.  

Game period:  2 – 30 minute halves.  Half time is 5 minutes.

Ball size:  Size 5

Schedule:  Teams play a 10-game, Regular Season Schedule (5 Home and 5 Away) with two games per week: one weeknight (usually Wednesday or Thursday) and one weekend (usually Saturday morning). A tournament is held at the end of each season.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Association is to provide middle school aged players (JRH) the opportunity to continue to play the game, on a recreational level. The objective is to have fun.

Divisions:  There are generally 80-90 teams in the Association. Teams are organized into separate Co-Ed and Girls Divisions. Co-Ed teams may be comprised of both male and female players. However, most co-ed teams consist of only male players.

Association Rules:  Participants are encouraged to become familiar with the Association's Rules. It is also suggested that they carry them to games in the event questions arise during the course of a match. A set of Rules is distributed to all participants prior to the start of each season. The rules were originally established, and are amended from time to time, at the Association's Organizational Meetings. The Association Administrator, MSSA, does not establish, nor amend the rules, but is responsible for their enforcement. Participants are advised of any changes when the rules are distributed.