Pickerington Area Soccer Association

U8 Division

08/01/14 - 07/31/16

The Fall 2022 Registration fee is $110. Jerseys are included in this fee for our U4-U12 age groups.

Fall Registration is Closed!

Game Dates U4-U12

August - Sat. 27th, Sun 28th

September - Sat. 3rd, Sat. 10th, Sun 11th, Sat. 17th, Sat. 24th

October - Sat. 8th

Fall Classic tournament - Top 4 teams in each boys and girls, U8, U10, and U12 divisions

Played on Oct. - Sat. 15th

**All dates subject to change!**

Practices:  This age group will hold one practice a week. The day of the week will be chosen by your assigned coach.

Additional Training Opportunity - Friday Night Skills:  
Players will be provided opportunities to train at the complex as a team on 5 different occasions with their volunteer coach and additional staff coaches provided by PASA and our Director, Kenny Atkinson.  These sessions have been chosen so that we can particularly work through the developmental process.  In addition, each session is meant to build off of the other.  it allows us to continue to offer the highest level recreational experience that can be offered in the area.  Dates for the additional training sessions will be announced soon!

You may request a refund if your child is injured or decides s/he doesn't want to play. ALL refund requests will include a $20 processing fee ($25 if more than one child in the same family is requesting a refund), we will deduct this fee from your refund.  In order to receive a refund, your child cannot have participated in any games. If the request is necessary due to an injury, after the child has already participated in one or more games, we will review the request and let you know if you will receive a partial refund. Refunds may arrive in the form of a check to your home address. Refunds can take several weeks to process.   The last day to request a refund is Aug. 26th, 2022.

Ball SizeSize 3.  Each child should bring their ball to practices and games.  

Team Size:   Teams consist of 8 - 9 players. 

Mercy Rule:   If a team goes ahead by 5 goals, the other team is allowed to add a player on the field. The additional player may remain on the field until a 4 goal differential is met. For example, a team is up 5-0. The other team places an additional player on the field and if the score becomes 5-1, then the additional player must go off the field.

Number of Players & Playing Time: Each team will have five (5) players on the field for a total of ten (10) on the field at one time. There are goal keepers. 

Each player on the team must play a minimum of 24 minutes. 

Game Length:   Four 12 minute quarters. The breaks between the 1st & 2nd quarters and the 3rd & 4th quarters are 2 minutes. Half Time is 5 Minutes. 

Teams are required to switch ends after half-time. 

Each “quarter” starts with a kickoff. Teams alternate quarters for the kick-off. 

Substitutions:  Open substitution for either team (with referee permission) anytime play is stopped for a ball that is off the field… also at quarter and half-time breaks, or for an injury. 

Field Size: 35 x 24 yards

Coaches: There should be no more than three coaches (we prefer two) on the sideline with the players. Coaches are NOT permitted on the field unless they are summoned by the referee. Coaching is from the team side only. Coaching is not permitted from the spectator side or from behind the goals!!!

Slide Tackling: Slide tackling is not permitted. Players should stay on their feet. Slide tackling will be penalized with an indirect free kick. 

Goal Scoring: The kicker must be in the opponent’s end of the field for a goal to be scored. If the kicker is in his/her team’s end of the field, a goal kick is awarded to the other team. 

Free Kicks :  All free kicks are Indirect Free Kicks. 

Penalty Kicks:  There are no penalty kicks. An indirect free kick is given at the spot of the foul. If that’s in the goal area, the kick is given at the closest spot on the goal area line that is parallel to the goal line. Defenders are permitted to line up in the goal mouth. 

Off Side:  Off side is not enforced. 

Throw-ins:  For improper throw-ins, the referee may give players a second chance, but is not required to do so; expect the ball to be given to the other team.

Small sided games allow each player with as many opportunities to “touch” the ball as possible and minimize the bumblebee “swarm” effect when several players hover around the ball and the opportunity to “touch” the ball is ineffective.  We want to encourage the players to create space in order to receive passes and have numerous opportunities to be involved in the game.

Score:  Score is kept at this age.  In the spring standings will be kept to determine the placement for the PASA Cup (Spring Tournament).

Trophies:  Teams will participate in the PASA Cup tournament in the Spring.  Each team will have the chance to receive a championship or runner up trophy during this tournament.